Shadows of the past

Újpest Shipyard

People’s Island was considered the central location of Hungarian shipbuilding in the 20th century. In 1883 a winter harbour was created in Újpest Bay, and the site of Pest & Fiume Shipyard was built on the shore.

Óbuda Shipyard

The Shipyard in Óbuda (Old Buda) was one of the oldest factories in Budapest. It was established upon the initiatives of Earl István Széchenyi in 1835 when Óbuda Island was acquired by the First Danube

Main Depot at Istvántelek

The main depot at Istvántelek used to be the most important rail car repair depot in Hungary, in the 4th district of Budapest. Its past glory can only be imagined now, as most of the main halls have been

Soviet barracks in Mátyásföld

That is how the Soviet military headquarters of Mátyásföld (Budapest) looked like in 1992, one year after the secession, when 100 thousand Soviets left Hungary together with 27 thousand vehicles.

US Army in Taszár

Taszár Air base functioned as the centre of the American Southern Slavic mission between 1996 and 2004: as a mission base of predators and also as a training centre.

Graffiti village

In the '90's a typical urban genre, graffiti could be spotted on farmhouses of a remote village of Egervölgy, Hungary, instead of its usual environment, thanks to a pioneer Austrian entrepreneur.

Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza is the second largest lake and the largest artificial lake of Hungary. Its open water surfaces, islands, inlets and shallow canals vary mosaically throughout the vast territory.


Detox is a hospital department, where seriously drunk people are taken to sober. Most of the sober patients are allowed to go home or taken to another hospital department if needed.


Horse racing in Hungary was established by István Szécheny back in 1822. In 1883 trotter field in Kerepesi út was opened, where the first Hungarian Trotter Derby was announced the following year.

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