Milan’s World

It is unsettling to think about that we only represent and perceive a small, not too important slice of reality, and it is impossible for us to know it completely. It is scary that, due to the infinite complexity of the world, our fate is mostly unpredictable, and mutually exclusive truths can exist. Our anxiety derives from the fact that our seemingly stable frames are vanishing, and our world is no longer the World. The more and more threatening climate catastrophe, the streams of refugees, the horrors of terrorism and wars, the world plague and as the accompanying phenomenon of them the global economic crisis affects billions of people. In the meantime the communicational revolution besides its many blessings has taken a major part in closing us into our narrow world, so that we ourselves has become the centre of our world, like children. (read more below pictures)

Meanwhile an uncountable amount of mutually incompatible truths has come into existence. The process was definitely helped by the religious, scientific, cultural and political institutions defusing and becoming unreliable in the ear-splitting noise. All the platforms are flashing and blaring: asking for our attention, for our time or they are offering us a way to escape, a whole virtual world. As a result of the social media websites using amoral algorithms everyone finds only those things that strengthen their personal beliefs. That is why we easily achieve the illusion of understanding, and if one does not make any efforts never has to meet new points of views. By means of instant satisfaction and infinite fun the tools of our time make us become children, who are happy with the virtual rewards of the games, with the simple schemes and explanations and easy judging. Moreover, if something is extremely bothering to us, those can be easily excluded from our consciousness. Thus it is cheap to gain good feelings with the lack of self-reflection, however reality can only be seen distorted even compared to our possibilities.

What kind of a reality is shown by an infantile society? What kind of coping methods can it teach to the future generations? Is it able to grow up to the challenge to help forthcoming generations to cause less harm to the generations following them whom, due to being human, are struck by the sins of their forerunners’ short sightings?

Milan’s World is one of plenty worlds that might be forming within people’s mind. As a member of Alpha generation each and every moment of his life is defined by digitalisation. Milan’s World is special for another reason as well: processing stimuli reaching him from our world is bothered and modified by Asperger-syndrome, a spectrum disorder which is akin to autism. Milan (9) has a specific relationship with reality: because of his way of thinking, he is not capable of lying, even if he wanted to. Have a deep breath and step into Milan’s world by taking a close look at each pictures. And if you dare, do read the messages as well.