Inferno by Dante

What do you think of Dante’s masterpiece? What is your attitude towards it? What appears in the back of your head reading it? How do his thoughts and visions relate to you, to your environment or to the world? To what extent does it make you analyse yourself? Where would you be put in his Inferno and where is Dante’s work put in your world?

Inferno is arranged based on the rule of justice.

What do you think of justice, crime and its punishment, proportioned and unproportioned sanctions, the availability of cause and effect in general? Of the hierarchy and levels of sins? Are they capable of describing your reality? Is Dante capable of guiding you through your world, through your own Inferno similarly to Vergilius holding Dante’s hand throughout his journey? In the wake of Foucault's thought: do you recognise the things in the past which later led you to create your present self?

I was looking for the answers to those questions with the help of my camera lining all the sins and crimes described by Dante. While visualising Inferno Pilate sprang to mind, who was washing his hands of the responsibility. I am acting accordingly and I am stating my dissent from a remarkable number of Dante’s sins, as they are not regarded sins by me and by Atlanticist people of our time. I was looking for the intersection of crime and Dante’s punishment. I did not include explanation of the pictures so that beholders could do that for themselves. Dante mentions twenty-seven sins. Those became the source of my inspiration.