Hegedűs Ákos/morpho

morpho portré

Hegedűs Ákos/morpho was born on 7th June 1972 in Budapest. He has had strong ties to Óbuda since his childhood. He experienced secondary school years together with the changeover and had his final exams in 1990 in Óbudai Gimnázium (then Martos Flóra). After his school leaving exam he studied photography at several places spending his practical at a political news magazine titled Köztársaság (Republic). In December 1993 he started working for the photo section of Kurír (daily newspaper).

He was concerned with concert photography from the beginning of the 90′s, and that passion characterized his works for almost twenty years. Performances of world stars attracted him mainly, but he frequented Hungarian clubs as well. He together with László N. Göbölyös, searched and documented the events of Sziget festival every year from the begginings. In 2000 the album titled ‘Island generation 1993-1999′ was published containing GNL’s interviews and morpho’s photographs. Around the turn of the millennium he took part in such stars’ concerts as a photographer like the Rolling Stones, U2, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Santana, Metallica or Robbie Williams. Those concert photos were published in 2004 in his album titled ‘It’s only the music now’. Scripts accompanying the pictures were written by the late Péter Pál Hetesi/G3. In 1994 as the only Hungarian photographer he was present at the 25th jubilee concert of Woodstock 1969 in the United States of America. After the millennium several star bands from Jethro Tull to R.E.M. applied him as the official tour photographer. From 1999 as the photographer of Magyar Netlap he was one of the first ones to use a digital camera in Hungarian press photography.

In the new millennium he was working as a photographer and an editor of online projects, daily papers, weekly and monthly magazines and his photographic interest arose towards social problems, the environment and climate change. He was an illustrator of more dozens of books. He won the first prize of the Hungarian Press Photo in 1996. In 2009 his album titled ‘Alone’ was published, which deals with today’s worldwide social problems: neglect, loneliness and diminishing human relationships. The scripts of the album was written by Gábor Szunyogh writer, publicist. In 2014 his collection of portraits was published with the title of ‘Face Memories’ showing stars visiting Budapest in the 90′s. For that occasion he was again working with László Göbölyös N., whose reminiscences can be read in the book. In the same year another book of his was made with the title of Duologues which can be regarded as the next sequence of Alone (published in 2009). It is about human relationships, friendship, and commemorates morpho’s good friend, Péter Pál Hetesi/G3 deceased young in 2012. The text of the book is the last writing of Péter Pál Hetesi/G3: a stream of short stories with the title of Remixregény (Novel remix).

In 2017 his pictures were shortlisted for Syngenta Photography Award titled Grow/Conserve, the world tour exhibition of which can be seen in several cities around the world. The first exhibition of the world tour was opened in Somerset House, London in March 2017.