Duologues (2014)

  • 2014-12-01

It happens that photos enter dialogues with each other. It happens that they draw words, sentences. That thoughts meet. They strengthen or extinguish each other. They gain new meanings. And it happens that a friend leaves for ever. This book is a game. Ákos Hegedűs/morpho selected quotes to his own photos. Thoughts of people leaving traces in the 20th century. The photos formed into pairs, they attracted quotes to themselves, developed into chapters. Between them were placed the stream of short stories mixing photos, thoughts, quotation and exclamation marks, space and time – written by the late Hetesi Péter Pál/G3. The creators of this book had fun with the game themselves, and they intend to provide a similar experience to the reader, who lets the photos enter dialogues with each other, draw words, sentences. That thoughts meet…
(Hella Szerepi)

Coincidences have great power. A whole lot of things should lap to get the elements driven into one. We ourselves are obliged to experience how coincidental it seems whom one meets and when they meet and with whom they stay together. Friends, loves, photos and texts are different layers of time. In this book two people’s vision of the world meets edited by a third one. How did all of these come together? Morpho might say that hell knows, you should have a look at the photos instead, read on the text and form your thoughts. Or do not. Hetesi Péter Pál/G3 (dear Hepe aka KarmaHackeR) would introduce a double bottom story on the fighters of the light, the great consequence of which would be that all the people contributing to the birth of this book are the reincarnations of the greatest geniuses of the world, and, of course, it was ordained by fate. I would float somewhere between the two, because although it might be an accident that the three of us just got herded together long-long ago, but the thing you are leafing right now was born, and that cannot be an accident. The worlds meeting here are totally different for the first glimpse. Landscapes and people which can be contrasted with each other. Light-and-shadows games. Still it is not the war of the worlds, on the contrary. Punks and old lovers are not sorted next to each other by chance, and it is not an accident when right after that children meet with a couple sitting on a bench in the next page, and the text following them is not put there by accident either, sounding sort of like: ‘There are days, when everything and the contrary of everything is occurring. You are travelling through the roller coaster of your neurotransmitters with such a dizzying shot which you felt similar to when you rented a pocket-sized space for yourself under the address of 2 maniaco depressiva bipolaris in the neighbourhood of Beelzebub…’ These few words as a good-quality glaze give a new layer of meaning to the photos. These elements become completed this way in this book, as they reflect to each other, complement each other and create such a unity that might take the beholder further towards new thoughts.
Ákos Haynal

Have you ever been thinking on how many people you meet on an ordinary day? (well, provided there is such a thing as ‘an ordinary day’) In the street, in the shops, at the post office or in the church there are dozens of people facing us day by day and we do not even notice them. Many times ourselves neither, but that is not a strongly related subject now. Among the vast mass we hardly talk to some, even less we make love with and make friends with even less than that. They still affect us, all of them. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Nobody ever knows that when they leave for somewhere, whose effect they take home with them, who is going to be the one to hate or love and who is only interesting until he or she offers them his seat on the bus. Here comes the picture into the picture. Photography meanly makes never-noticed moments – although they do happen to us – common. If all of our moments were recorded, at the screening we would be just staring out of our heads with a blank face and would completely get lost within the cavalcade of pixels. Of course, there are people who try to solve this puzzle and pattern the road paved for us with truths or with thoughts believed to be true which through a sarcastic or bluish mood try to make us see reality. When two people meet the Thought then life itself starts. This book is about human relationships. A relationship between two people. People are not important and neither is the relationship itself. It might happen for a moment that we do not even notice each other, but it might as well last for a whole life. It might be insignificant, sad or glad, smart or clumsy, bittersweet or foolish. The only thing in it which is for sure that it is happening. Then a bunch of wise people try to define the relationship (the moment), sometimes they manage, sometimes they do not, sometimes in a funny way, sometimes not. That is what we play, all of us, we sometimes win, sometimes do not, but the game is free, the match can go either ways, and sometimes a duo is formed, and into the picture comes a dialogue…